Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

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*hanging head in shame*

My blue collar sensibilities are officially gone. I feel humiliated and ashamed.

While eating my lunch at my desk, a streak of movement came from my left. There, I spotted a rather large mouse running for my door, which was closed. He got stuck in the crack, his tail the only thing I can see. I opened the door, and he immediately ran back towards me. I screamed. He dissapeared.

I screamed because of the sight of a mouse.

I used to be a fucking licensed exterminator, for pete's sake.

I am so ashamed. I feel like my nephew should be looking at me while tsk'ing... ala the old Sylvester cartoons when he couldn't catch the kangaroo/mouse.

I guess this makes me officially a white collar pussy. *shame*

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