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It's Friday right?

My bed is singing a song from far away, trying to lure me into its clutches. It is like the syrens calling passing sailors into their lair.

I would happily succumb to my bed. It will envelop me and care for me. Its cushion will absorb my body into itself and together we shall be one.

I am not woo-woo. I am just... woo.

So many things are happening in my life right now, I am barely able to keep up with it.

Surgery in 17 days.

I will be spontaneously traveling to San Francisco next weekend for work. I will need to work all day Friday, but then after that I will be free until I return to NYC on Sunday. There may be someone coming south to visit me there, and if so, my weekend will be fairly booked. But, if you are there, and it is possible, saying hello would be a treasure.

I need to move out of my place by December. Long story, not gonna go there. It's fine, the place was not meant to be permanent anyway. Met last night with what looks to be my future roommate, and we will start searching for places together. I will fully disclose stuff as it develops.

My relations with others constantly keeps me on my toes. I don't think I have ever had a period where the next step on my path was so clouded such as it is now. I have a world of options seemingly at my feet, but, I have no idea nor enough data to choose which one.

I was invited yesterday to something very scary. Something I have always fantasized about, but also scares me very much. I have yet to decide if I am going to go, but my path does suggest I do. It seems right.

The song of the bed. How I long to extend my arm, and graze my fingertips on my long-lost lover, my bed.

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