Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Oh, give me a home...

My fishies were very happy to see me come home. It was nice to be greeted my friendly faces, even if they only really give a shit about me because I'm the one with the food.

So, yah, I'm back. Definetely tired. And it's gonna be a busy week.

My right arm stings. Which is good... it proves to me that I am alive.

I had my cutting redone in an entirely new way. It now has color... one set of lines were trenched and then had green tattoo ink poured in. Next time I see Sharrin, we will trench a second set of lines and pour purple into it. The color makes this piece alive... before it was hidden. Bear would be proud.

It had to be the most intense thing I have ever gone through. And lord did I love it.

I am so happy I have family. Without them I'd be lost.

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