Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

So how DO you prepare for surgery?

I gave some thought to this a while back. Should I... sit and meditate, allowing my spirit self to break free from the chains of my body and reach a higher plane, knowing that if I do my body can endure all? Um... no. I'm not woo-woo. Just woo.

Do I sit at home scared as all shit until the minute comes? Nah. Did that all week,  thanks.

Do I go somewhere and party my ass off to forget what is to come? Ya know what, that sounds like just the thing a Boymeat would do!

So, it's off tonight to Atlanta, for the last ever Fantasm event. Considering the insanity of last year's event, I figure this one should be completely over the top. I mean, the last Fantasm ever. An event that has been running for I believe 7 years, and this is their 6th hotel. Wow.

Should be fun. Go teach a few classes, and party with the freaks.

Perfect preperation for a surgery. I figure I'll be so tired by my 6 AM check in, I'll be knocked out BEFORE the needle touches me.

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