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Fantasm - more fucking fun than can possibly be allowed in one weekend.

Holy mother of fuck was that an amazing weekend.

All 3 of my classes went amazingly well. Over 40 people (out of a 600+ total registration) on Friday at 1:00 PM. Never saw that much of a turn out that early ever.

And this isn't even a full-out bonified kink event.

Event organizers could stand to learn a lot from this party. It's fucking fun.

I won a Fantasm Fannie!!! Seeing as this was the Final Fantasm, they instituted awards in a whole bunch of categories for the best ____ of all Fantasms. My flogging class from last year won best kink class. Wow!

6 scenes last night. I think. Amazing. Wow wow wow.

I have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 7:30. No problem. I'm so exhausted, I'll be asleep before the needle hits me.

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