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Water... how I long for thee!

Just came back from my after-lunch smoke... the sun is shining, it was warm enough to roll up my sleeves, and a good magazine in my hands. Down then came the most pleasent and cute little sunshower... just a fine sprinkling of water.

I felt the desire to just stand out from under the awnings and be sprinkled by Spring's tidings.

Unfortunately, I still cannot allow my ear to get wet. Oh how I long to get this stage of my life over with. I long to feel the sprinkle of water on my head (up to now I have been using the most obnoxiously blue colored shower cap... picture this now and laugh.)

Good thing I have a doctor's appointment today at 4 PM. With hope, the packing and my one little stitch will come out. A faerie told me I should name my little stitch... I shall name it Elephant. I will finally today have my elephant go away.

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