Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Lolita and Boymeat at Woodstock... I mean Paddles....

Last night Lolita and I went out together to Paddles. It had been a loooooong time since I had bottomed to her whip... since MAL in January in fact. So, with Kate still out of the country, we felt that now was as good of a time as any.

Started out the evening at the LURE, which is a leather bar here in NYC. The Iron Guard was having a bar night, so we got to spend some time with friends from the Iron Guard, Promethean Guard in NJ, the NY Renegades, and old friends from GMSMA. It was nice and relaxing... a beer, some friendly conversation. All good things to bring me into a false sense of security. ;-)
In fact, a particular conversation that evening was about the Black Party, and how some people go there for a ritualized sense of destruction. I commented that I get those needs served quite well when bottoming to Lolita. LOL

Anyway, we got to Paddles a little late, around 1:30 AM. I actually prefer it then... the club tends to empty out a bit, and all the prime play-spaces are available, giving you actual room to swing a whip. We had more pleasant chat with friends, while Lolita was "caning" me with a long thick pixie stick... I never knew sugar could hurt that much. Especially when it pegs you in the balls... YOW!!!

Finally, Lo started up the scene in the most romantic fashion - she looked at me with stern eyes and barked "Strip!" I love it when she's subtle.

Stripped down to my waist, and took up my position by the bondage bed in the back, hanging on to the metal frame. It was actually an interesting experience, no soft cuffs or padded handles to hold on to, instead the harsh cold edges of steel. I knew I was going down that night, and since it was Lolita, I didn't care... in fact, I looked forward to it.

The scene progressed quite normally... warm up with hands, soft flogging turning into Mack Truck intensity thuds, harsher floggers, alternated with bunny fur, soft touches with the hand, and bites and growls. All of a sudden, the music changed... it went from the normal techno to classic 70s rock.

I can't remember all the songs played... but I can distinctly remember getting single tailed while Lolita was singing loudly along with the music to "Born To Be Wild" and "Stairway to Heaven." And somehow it worked. The single tail teasingly kissed my skin through the melodic bridge of Stairway... and raised to a harsh crescendo as it broke into power chords. I think that's when my skin broke.

Afterwords, I was laying my head in her bosom, laughing hysterically because of the endorphins running through me, and Lolita's rendition of Cream, Jefferson Airplane, and Vanilla Fudge. And if it couldn't be more surreal, we ended the evening eating ice cream, mourning over my broken glasses (which I think I inadvertently pounced on during the scene), and watching commercials recorded by Paddles' proprietor who clearly has some sort of complex for Waffles. (That's another story all in itself.)

All in all, a wonderful evening getting beat the living fuck out of by my big-sis. Love ya, Lo.

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