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Mic check mic check one two one two!

My ear is a microphone.

No, really.

Most of the packing was taken out. Apparantely there is still some within my ear that they will take out next week.

I appear to have my hearing back. But it's FUCKING LOUD!!!! Holy shit. Loud loud loud. I hear things very sensitevely now. Buses and trains make me temporarily deaf. If kids are laughing on one end of the block, I hear them on the other end as if they are right next to me.

I often wondered what Daredevil's enhanced hearing was like. Well, I would like to officially state now that his powers were bullshit. There is no way I can hear someone's heart with the deafining decible levels of NYC surrounding me. Unless his real super power was seperating out what he wanted to hear.

Obviously, my ear is still healing. The doc says it might be another few weeks before my hearing restores to "normal." OK, I can live that long.

In the meantime, talk a little softer, ok?

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