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Celebrity is overrated

Walking the streets of Manhattan today, I ran into two TV people.

First. walking west on Prince Street, my copatriots and I walked right past Dean Winters, the actor who plays Ryan O'Reilly on HBO's Oz. I love that show... probably one of my favorite things to air on television this decade. So that was a treat.

Later on in the day, I had pointed out the West Village neighborhood where Matthew Broderick makes his residence. Fast forward 5 hours, and lo' and behold, on such an unlikely place as the southwest corner of 7th Avenue and 14th Street, he should walk right by me.

Our eyes connected for a moment. And before I recognized him... I thought, "My, what an adorable little boy... I should pick him u... oh, it's Matthew Broderick."

And now I am picturing Matthew as a bottom. *le sigh*

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