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It's time for the return of... *dum dom dum dom dum dom* fish posts!!!

So, I figure it's time for an inventory. Some of you might have lost track. Currently residing within the Tank of Phil are:

1 Superior magestic I am the head bitch Angel Fish.
6 We're extra spooky for fun Black Phantom Tetras - 3 girls, 3 boys (the girls are pinkish grey, while the boys are blackish grey.)
2 Dude! Pass the crack! Flying Foxes.
and 6 Couch-potato non-moving pothead Otto Cats.

We'll focus on the Ottos today. I bought them because they're really tiny, and would work well for eating the algae that always seems to grow. And they did a great job on the back of the tank. However, they always seem to chill on the rear-right corner. They just suck their mouths on something, and chill. Really, they don't move. They just sit there. But the next morning, algae is lessened. Nocturnal fuckers.

But, today! I gazed at my tank tonight, and the gravel seemed to be moving. Well, years of movies have taught me that ground moving can never be a good thing. I looked up close, and there were the Ottos! They're doing the other thing they were supposed to, eating the left-over food. Yay Ottos!

I guess they ran out of pot.

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