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This really isn't what Phil's do.

I'm generally not one for astrology. No, I am actually never for astrology. But, so many people have been posting them today, that I got curious.

And as we all know, curiosity fucked with the cat.

So, from

You've heard about horse whisperers, people who have a deeply intuitive, almost psychic rapport with horses. You may have also heard about baby whisperers, those who specialize in reading the body language and secret thoughts of infants. Well you, my dear Libra, currently seem to have the skills of a dove whisperer. If you like, you could probably achieve a mind-meld with those birds in the coming weeks. Perhaps more importantly, you will also possess the unusual blend of powers that doves have symbolized throughout history: to bring peace, to cultivate tender intimacy, and to bless lust.

Edit - I wonder what the lesson is from this. Keep doing what I am doing? Any thoughts from the more mystically/woo inclined?

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