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I am in the middle of work hell, but wanted to jot down a few things.

Pope Benedict XVI. Huh.

Wonder if they had a Cardinal of Marketing in the Conclave. Because if they did, he should be fired.

If declining European attendance in Roman Catholic churches is indeed a large problem as many Cardinals have stated, just electing a European to the papacy is not the cure.

Maybe you think about a reformer, instead of a hard-line fundamentalist. Ya know, just to keep in line with the opinions of what I believe to be the majority of European society. Just a thought.

Oh well. More of the same. Sorry to any hard-line Catholics reading this that I might have offended. Of course, if you would be offended by such a thing, you shouldn't be reading me.

Of course this means I will be obsessivly reading into the history of all the Benedicts. Just to get a sense of the legacy Ratzinger has took upon himself. Bet you didn't know I was a religion minor in college?

It's sandal season! YAY! Feet everywhere! Whiplash city for me. Yum yum yum yum YUM!

Poker is becoming quite the hobby of mine. Won an amazing amount of money last night. Won't go into details... but, I did well. Too bad I won it not neccessarily because of my skill, but because of a special promotion the site has running. But, I am happy that I was up $100 before I hit that. Good stuff!

Yes, I just posted about the pope, sex, and gambling. Ha! Thank goodness Jews don't believe in hell.

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