February 12th, 2001

Hello to the Livejournal World

Well, since I have to be where everyone else is, here I am. I've been so busy spying on all my Boston friends for so long, guess it was time to finally pop on in myself.

Hello to all... guess this is where I'll post all my great thoughts - be warned, you are all about to learn much more about me than you ever thought you would (or even wished you would).

As I look into my magic mirror, I see Contessa, and Demi, and Spike, and Daisy, and Ciani, and...
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Gotta love family

So... this weekend was my brother's wedding. OK - quick family structure here, I have an older half-brother, Allan, older half-sister Lisa, and a little brother Lawrence (who has pervasive development disorder, more on that another time).

Anyway, Sat was my older-brother's wedding. Allan, in my opinion, is an amazing waste of sperm. He ditched the entire family a long ago, which is a shame - I used to look up to him.

On with the story - Sat was his wedding. Strike one, neither myself nor my little brother were invited. Said he didn't want any kids there (hmmm... does 24 mean I'm a kid???) Fine, didn't want to go anyway. Made plans to be with my grrl, Heather, on Saturday babysitting Lawrence while my folks went to the wedding. (I should add here that I live with and support my family)

Well, Sat comes, looking really forward to seeing Heather... then Mr. Murphy knockes on the door, and my mother gets sick. So I had to cancel my plans, and go to my good-for-nothing brother's wedding.

The wedding was probably one of the most miserable experiences of my life. First off, this was the first time we were ever even meeting the bride - we had to check the program to remember her name. Allan didn't acknowledge our presence at all... didn't even say hello. We finally got to say hello to the bastard after waiting in line in the procession to say congrats to them after the ceremony.

I missed the reception, thank god. Convinced my mother to get out of bed and go to it... figured, if I had to do half the hell, she had to do the other.

Gotta love family.
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My meanderings.

Wow - 3rd post in one day... can't promise I'll be posting this much in the future... but today found me with lots of time, and a whole lot of thoughts.

First off - not sure if I should be writing to entertain, or to really suffer all of you with all my problems. Though, I don't write these to neccessarily get solutions, nor really get sympathy (but we all know how much of an attention slut I am...) Instead, I am writing to get these out of my head... My earlier post about Allan has already calmed that in my torrid sea that I call my brain.

Well - 2 things have just popped up into my life, and biy they are doozies. First off, my mother was just admitted into the hospital... mind you, she's had every problem in the sun, probably put a good dozen doctor's children from college through med school. Now, she is having chest pains, and they found some fluid in her lungs. Oy.

Along with the fact that I am constantly having to deal with pissing contents and overflamed egos on a board that I sit on. And since I am such a fencesitter, everyone is clammering for my vote. Well, I finally spoke up, said that I thought all the participants in the latest case of drama were acting like assholes. Uh-oh... mark me for an enemy now.

All of this happens when I am looking forward to an absolutely wonderful weekend. Supposed to go to a birthday party for someone deep and close to my heart. Going to bring the grrl with me, see lots of friends, slut out with a whole lot of play. Lets hope I can still make it. That party report should make for some interesting reading, anyhow.

Hmmm... think I am just wasting space here? I dunno... feels kind of good to let it all out. I was never the journal type... could never keep one at all. I almost feel like now that my thoughts are open to the public, I have more of a responsibility to keep to it. Strange...
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