February 23rd, 2001

Exercise in self-control

You know something, it's really hard to hold back on accustomed practices after they become habit. Every morning, after I get dressed and grab my glass of orange juice, I sit by the computer, light my cigarette, and thumb through the day's newspaper while I sign on to AOL. And every morning, Imp is there, and we say good morning. She was there this morning... and it was all I could do not to say hello.

When I get to work, there is always a voice mail and an e-mail waiting for me, saying hello again. I was dissapointed not to find them this morning.

Finally, throughout the day, we call each other. We e-mail each other, back and forth. Today, its all I can do not to pick up the phone.
Damn this is hard.
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Drumroll please....

OK folks... here it is, what you have all been waiting for ever so patientely... my first actually non-depressing post! (well, we're not counting the Barefoot Prod. truck thingy).

Today was the first clearly obvious post-breakup day I've had. I did the mandatory "Spend a lot of money on material objects that you really don't need" post breal up ritual. I feel so girlish ;-)

So, here is what I bought:
Books - Memnoch the Devil and Vampire Armand by Anne Rice (finally reading through the series... what kind of self-disrespecting vampyre would I be if I didn't?

CDs - I bought 2 more from one of my faves, KMFDM. I bought Retro (even though I already own all the CDs that the songs are from, but I want to own every single thing they put out) and Excessive Force (side-project)'s Gentle Death. Next I need to buy all the singles.

I also bought Clutch - Jam Room. Another one of my favorite bands, good ole redneck rock from southern Virginia/West Virginia. I'm not sure, but I think this was a UK only release. I gotta do some research. Number 4 CD bought was Marilyn Manson - Hollywood. What can I say, the guy amuses me.

Finally, the impulse buy of the night, a CD by this group called Dzihan & Kamian. What a find! OK, I can't take full responsibility for it... Barnes & Nobles had it playing on their speakers, I liked it, asked about it, and bought it. On my way out no less. Impulse impulse impulse.

Today at work was spent avoiding work like the plague, having conversations and IM chats that some of us just shouldn't be having at work (you know who you are... ). That got me pretty heated, so I actually went to a gay bath tonight. I haven't been there in months... but sometimes, once in a blue moon, I like an anonymous male JO session. No names, no handshakes, just stare at each other, play with each other, and walk away. JO, so that no transferal of fluids occur. Easy cum, easy go. (SORRY!!! I couldn't resist!)

Now to play video games.
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