February 24th, 2001

Musings while I wait.

Killin time right now - waiting for Lolita to come pick me up so we can go out. Gonna go to a houseparty a friend is hosting... probably gonna stare at lots of drugs I know I shouldn't do this out of it. Then we might go to Paddles (a SM playclub - that serves ICE CREAM!!!!), and we might go to the Lure (a gay leather-bar). I'm wondering if I should go to the Lure or not. Imp is gonna be there.

Anyway, really looking forward to March 17th, when I'm next up in Boston. She's presenting at NELA, and I'm coming along for the ride. Looking forward to drinks with an incredibly sexy and elegant woman... looking forward to seeing my sis in crime again... seeing S, maybe Z, seeing my buddy Joker again. Lo might have a hotel room for the weekend... lets see if I can convince her to have a hotel room party in her room. She wants to meet all my friends, so lets just get everyone in a room! Put some plastic down on the floors and beds coated with lube... Wow - what a yummy idea...
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    KFMDM - Virus