April 9th, 2001

The youngsters are coming out...

I'm now recovering from an absolutely faaaaaabulous weekend in Chicago where I was attending the fifth annual Leather Leadership Conference. They have two basic kinds of presentations there... actual presentations and poster sessions. Poster sessions are opportunities for people to make a poster (sort of like the science fair in school), stand by it and explain, answer questions, etc.

Unfortunately, I never had the chance to submit a proposal to do a presentation on TNG, so I did a poster session instead. It went SO well... first, I realized how much I need to keep doing presentations on the topic (I did it last year at LLC4 in DC). But, it would appear our efforts are working. Right now there are eight TNGs that I know of - 2 in NY (TES, GMSMA - I co-chair both), DC, Boston, Maine, Arizona, South New Jersey, and Central Texas. After this weekend, I am going to be assisting folks in Seattle, Denver, Ohio, and possibly Kansas and Oklahoma to start up TNGs. We are also excitedly awaiting the debut of one in Los Angeles.

The need for outreach and a safe place for younger adults interested in SM is becomming more and more apparant. I feel like a proud father, watching his children blossom. Happy happy joy joy!!!

In addition, I did lots of amazing networking... met some people who can assist me a whole lot. Along with seeing people close and dear to my heart (A - You will ALWAYS be my Temptress...), and had some incredible play (definetely going down to DC soon for a weekend...).

All in all... two thumbs up!!! Well... OK... a few other things up as well....
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Shopping adventures

So, in the past 2 weeks, I basically went on a lunatic shopping spree (thanks IRS for that rebate check!) Best part is I spent barely $100 for all this stuff. Yep... I succumbed to the ebay curse. But, damn, I can't believe I got all this:

1) Entire series of Earth X comic books, including issues 0, X, and the Wizard special

2) Set of three Naval Officer shirts that were worn by a shipman on the USS Oglethorp in the 1950's - two navy blue, one white (don't think I'm gonna be wearing the white one - it has blood stains on it) - but the blue ones look soooo cute.

3) A US Army Medical shirt - its a button down, a bright shade of blue, with a white embroidered US on the breast with the medical snake sign in the middle of the letters. I thought it would look great with leather pants - I was right.

4) A pair of Military Jungle Boots, with green canvas on top. Mmmmmm....

5) A US Air Force Enlisted Officer's uniform - and it fits!!!!!

Now I'm just waiting for the set of Universe X comic books to arrive, and I'm all set.

Oh yeah, I also got my new single tail recentely - a Rod Williams 4' 24 plat - my other one is a 16 plat. This one is going to rip through skin like butter.
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