May 11th, 2001

Ye Gods!!!!

First... since a lot of my other friends have been posting their results, here is my What God Are You In Bed test from

Hark - the oracle speaks! A bolt of lightening falls from the sky! SHAZAAM! As the smoke clears, the hidden deity in you emerges and is revealed to be:
DIONYSUS, God of Ecstacy.

You are one sex-loving deity! And you sure know how to turn any bedroom into an unforgettable party for two. You are sensual and fun-loving, and you will do just about anything to get some play. You have an insatiable desire for sexual pleasure. You have a young, playful spirit that makes the bedroom your personal playground. Because you are housing a god within you who used orgies as a method of worship, you have no limits to your exploration. Your experimentation and lack of inhibition make your sex life all the more interesting. Your open-mindedness and irrepressible energy allow your sexual energy to keep going and going and going. And when the day is through, you've left a trail of satisfied mortals in your wake.

Well, Dionysius IS one of my favorite gods... -chuckle-

Life update - work can suck my left testicle, its that bad. My career has gone full circle... from Assistant Media Planner, to Media Planner, to Senior Media Planner, and now I'm basically an assistant again. Its time for me to skidaddle... now I just need to find where to go. -sigh-

Going to Great Adventure this weekend with Kate, my sis Lo and her slave. God help that park.