June 28th, 2001

Special Weekend (long)

This upcoming weekend is going to be an amazingly special weekend for me... it is my 5th year anniversary. Kate and I are going up to Boston for the Fetish Flea Fair, which is kicking up memories left and right.

5 years ago I was a 19 year old attending every single TES meeting I could. Back then, the minimum age to join was 21 (its now 19), but 18 and older could still attend meetings. Problem was, I was shut out of TES parties, and I also couldn't go to the local clubs (or at least so I thought.) Well, I was swiftly growing impatient, learning everything from the meetings but never having the opportunity to experience these things for myself at the playspaces. I began to whine... loudly.

Thankfully, a kind dearhearted soul (who probably had a headache from all my whining), Lolita, pulled me aside and told me she would take me to Boston with her the following weekend, for some event. The parties there were 19 and older, and I would finally be able to see some action. Overjoyed, and yet at the same time scared out of my wits, I said yes.

I met her, and a gentleman by the name of Alex aka Officer Hog, by her parking garage. Into the backseat of the small red Honda I went, and we drove away. As soon as we crossed the NY state line, she turned to me and asked, "Say, what is your safeword?" Mind you, I was a heterosexual top back then... yes, times have changed. So, now fully scared shitless, I replied... "Uhhhhhh, I, um, have my bottoms, uh, go by the traffic light thingy.... why, do I need one???!!!"

Her reply - "Never hurts to ask..."

Right then, yours truly was fucked. My mind raced for the next 3 hours as we drove into Cambridge to Lolita's friend Abby's house. Abby welcomed us with open arms, and I was excited to meet someone so nice. It was the first time I had met anyone not involved in TES (of course, I found out later that she too was a TES member).

That night we spent casual, hanging out in the house, having dinner, talking. I was fairly silent, taking in the conversation and observing everyone unobtrusively. Then we all went to bed early, because the Flea was the next morning.

Lolita and Abby's partner were late waking. Abby grew impatient, screamed we were leaving. She grabbed me, and off we went to the Fair.

We walk in, and Cecilia Tan greets us warmly, hugging Abby tight. Of course, I had absolutely no clue who she was. My eyes wide open, I looked at all the items filling the room, my heart temporarily frozen. In the middle of my shock, Abby took my arm, and said "OK, lets shop!"

I walked in the Flea wearing black jeans, Doc Martins, a green silk shirt, and my long hair (down to the mid of my back) in a pony tail. I walked out wearing the jeans, the docs, no shirt, a brand new leather vest, a new elk flogger hanging from my belt, and a chain mail collar and bracelet, my hair hanging down freely. I was transformed.

That night, we went to Manray, which back then actually had a few play stations. Leather By Danny hosted the party there, and I got to watch my first public play. After a while, Abby came over to me and asked if she could try out my flogger.. I said sure... she says, "On you." My heart froze again, and I agreed, saying just a little, very softly. A half hour later I was on my knees licking her ass saying Thank you Mistress. A switch was born.

The next morning, I ate breakfast on my knees, a huge metal collar around my neck attached to a chain leash, eating sponge cake out of the palm of Lolita's hand. Later that night at a private play party I got my first lesson in flogging from Lolita... on Alex's back, which I later licked, and rubbed while making out with him. A bisexual was born.

That weekend I got named Boymeat. That weekend I got flogged for the first time, and flogged someone else for the first time, I played with a man, I switched... Phil became Boymeat, top became switch, het became bi, my first event and my scene awakening was behind me.

This weekend is my 5th anniversary, and to celebrate, I am bringing the love of my life to her first Flea since being in the scene. It turns out she went to that very Flea I was at 5 years ago... a student at MIT checking it out, not knowing anyone. This weekend she will be holding my hand, meeting all my friends, as a true participant of the scene, as a TES member.

I can't wait to celebrate my 5th anniversary with you Kate... I love you.