July 31st, 2001

The First Test

Wow its been a while since I've been here. Kate and I have just approached our first big test in our relationship - so far the poly thing has been working, play-wise we are learning each other, life is damn good. But here is the real test - she left on Sunday for a 6 week trip - 2 weeks in New Zeland, 4 weeks in Australia.

I must admit... I miss her horribly. After living with someone for 4 months, never sleeping alone... well, an empty bed really sucks. I moved back home for the 6 week period - being in that apartment would be WAY too weird without her, and besides, we have other battles to fight with her folks down the line... don't need them hating me so much prematurely.

Sunday was of course a zoo. Last minute packing, unpacking, REpacking... I must have ran out of the house 20 times buying her last minute items. Shes so god damned cute... she gets this look of desperation, her hair sort of flops around, and I look at her softly and tell her I'll take care of it. Then her eyes light up, like a little girl in awe. Can ya blame me for falling for this one?

Well, its day two without her. 40 more days to go.