October 31st, 2001

WARNING - Depressing doctor stuff ahead, with a hint of bad news

OK... so maybe the stuff with my father is a tad more serious than I thought. He has an obstructed colon... which is just as nasty as it sounds. We're not sure what is causing it, but, he might very well be operated on tomorrow (Thursday) to clear it out. Problem there is he is not exactly small man... so this becomes a major surgery.

So my job here is to keep my father's spirits up (he's scared shitless)... keep my mother sane (she's a nervous wreck), keep my family informed (a lot of them are dumb)... keep my brother occupied (he likes Playstation... thank god.)

Of course, what this says about my BR trip is completely up in the air. I was supposed to leave for DC Thursday night. I am seriously doubting that is going to happen, and might not arrive until Friday. There is a chance I might not make it at all... which sucks. I have three sets of responsibilities pulling at me - I'm missing work, supposed to teach 4 classes at BR, and my family. Of course my family wins... but there needs to be a way to ease all of them.

Oh, and since you asked... my sanity? ::smirk::: Who has time to worry about being sane?

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