November 26th, 2001

An informal poll...

Upon study of recent posts made by the wayward brat commonly known as Devina, it has come to our attention that she might have, as scientists would put it, "has gone completely friggen bonkers."

We are beginning a small, relatively small study, in order to substantiate these claims that Devina is clearly out of her freakin mind. Please fill out on a small slip of paper either "YES!!! That girl is clearly bananas!" or "No, she'll kill me if she found out I said yes." Then please deposit said slip into the cyber-box created for this study.

No pop-tarts in the slot, please.

Well... maybe the chocolate ones.

Thank you,
Management and Staff
Boymeat's Agency for Proving That People Are Certifiably Insane


As the votes begin to pour in, the staff is seeing an overwhelming majority of the opinion that Devina is truly indeed nucking futs. (We are also experiencing a streak of anonymous strawberry pop part deposits... please, ladies and gentleman, only chocolate.)

We however must respond to a single complaint registered with our office. It has been argued that Devina is "not a wayward brat." Therefor, we would like to append our original poll with another question...

Is Devina...
a) A wayward brat who deserves all the canings she gets?
b) A brat who is not neccessarily that wayward, but still deserves the canings she gets?
c) A wayward soul who hasn't yet come upon the true meaning of the word brat, and thus should be caned?
OR d) I really couldn't care less, just as long as I get to watch her get caned?

Thank you all for your participation.


Sitting here buried by work, thinking about how delecious my serving of nice, freshly brutally caned, vanilla fruitcake is going to taste.


(Making mental note to reattach razor blades to my single tails for the FFF)


For those who have not been counting...

A total of 8 people have voted that Devina is clearly out of her skull.

There was also an attempt by a mad woman to break into the polling office, seemingly trying to discredit voters. Insane barely intelligble shouts were heard discrediting 6 voters... nothing was heard recounting the votes of Boymeat and his partner, Kate. Street speculation says that obviously the fear of having canes and singletails tear someone's skin off them like a southern BBQ invoked a temporary sanity statis field around the deranged lunatic woman.

Other unconfirmed reports site a vanilla flavored fruitcake running away from the polling office to parts unknown.

We will keep you informed of any additional information as it is brought to our attention.