November 27th, 2001

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One day later... and the brattiness continues. So, I'm going to just make one last comment, and then let future actions speak for themselves.

Dead Woman Walking.

::sigh::: Won't they ever learn?


a) I've been getting lots of requests and prayers for things to do to Devina (you got some meeeean friends there...)

b) She has now foolishly called herself Mistress in a way that she would NEVER do in front of me

I have now decided that Devina's downfall will be a public hanging. As the time comes closer, many of you will be invited as to the time and place, for us all to laugh and share along in Devina's demise.

Such exhorbant efforts by Devina to publically destroy herself must be rewarded after all... in the watching and loving eyes of her public.