February 28th, 2003

My life.

An IM chat with my Boston sister... names censored to protect the guilty.

Boston sis: so, funny moment:
Boston sis: last night, we're sitting around my house talking about the purity test
Boston sis: and z is lamenting that he got 28% and how did he get so unpure?
Boston sis: i spoke up that i got 20 and only knew one person who got lower
Boston sis: and s and z said in unison, "phil?
BoymeatTES: *hanging head in shame*
Boston sis: no, be proud!
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Save the Date!!! September 19-21st!!!

Attention all TNGers!!!

Mark September 19-21, 2003 on your calendars!

TES-TiNG is proud to announce that the next TNG conference - Chickenstock
3: BDSM in the Big City (working title - see below) - will be held in New
York City!

There will be parties, there will be workshops, there will be tours of
kinky locales all around the city. But most importantly, there will be
the chance to network with your peers 18-35 from all across the country!

While you're waiting for details, we want you all to whip it out...your
creativity, that is! We're inviting you to come up with the final name
for this conference. The person whose name suggestion is chosen will
receive a free t-shirt at the event! E-mail your suggested name to
TES-TiNG@tes.org, with your name and e-mail address.

Watch this space for more details of the event!

We look forward to seeing you in NYC!

Your TES-TiNG hosts,
Boymeat, Tower, and Kate.

TES-TiNG is The Eulenspiegel Society's Next Generation Special Interest
Group, dedicated to emerging adults, age 18-35, who are interested in
exploring BDSM and who are looking for a safe space in which to explore,
discuss, and understand SM/Leather/Fetish activities and desires among
their own peers.
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