April 6th, 2003

Alright, anything else???

I've heard, well Phil, it can't get any worse. And, of course, as is my fate, it did.

Got an urgent call while I was at Paddles from back home. To make a long story short, I drove home faster than I ever knew how, so my father could take my mother to the emergency room. (FYI - they didn't call 911, because the ambulance would bring her to one of the worst hospitals in existance... we would rather she have good care.) I don't think this is serious... but, the way my luck has been, lets just say I'm a little concerend. I'm now sitting here at 5 in the morning, too jazzed up to go to bed... thus, this post.

These past 3 weeks have been an absolute living hell. Not only have I lost the love of my life, my entire planned future, my happiness and security... I'm at the point at which I have no fucking clue what I have. And there are people close to me who aren't helping at all. In fact, they made the situation worse... akin to lighting a powder keg underneath my ass.

So you know what? No fucking more. If you don't have anything good to say to me, don't bother. As it is my life is spriraling out of control... it doesn't need anymore help.

This sucks.

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Good news - as I did predict, my mother is alright. She's home, she's happy. It was what I thought it was, not what I feared. Thank god.

Had an interesting conversation this morning. Not sure where it is going to lead. But, definetely interesting. I have a lot to think about.

Got an amazing lead on an apartment last night. It would be available in June, a one-bedroom for myself at a price that is unbelievable. Someone else needs to drop out first before I can get it, so, its a waiting game. Of course, it is a 5th floor walkup. But... I think it might be worth it, could kill 3 birds with one stone. Price, location (GREAT location), and... exercise. It would be akin to joining a gym. A month of climbing 5 flights would definetely work its magic on me.

Thoughts swirling throughout my head. Life gets stranger. Its an interesting ride, lets see where it lets me off.