May 14th, 2003

Finally, my altar has arrived...

Had a really, really bad day yesterday... mostly due to my own foolishness. Kind of shut myself off to the entire world except powerpoint... which was good, because powerpoint and I really needed to spend some quality time together.

Went to Washington Square Park after work and read... my daily ritual when I have somewhere to be in the city. Finally, went for a walk, and wandered into EB just because it called to me.

And there, I found it. The central piece to the altar of my deity. It twinkled in the fluorescent lights of the small shop. It called to me. I had to own it. I needed this piece for my altar.

Yes my friends, you guessed it. I now own... the Swedish Chef playset.

Definetely a religious experience. Now chant with me the words of wisdom - Bork. Bork. Bork.

Very cool...

It is a rare, very cool experience to have your client after a presentation say how thrilled she is with the work we did, and say repetitively how excited she is about the work and the campaign.

It is even more rare to watch one of your "pull it out of your ass while standing in right field" ideas get completely confirmed and blessed by the client. Quote of the day - "You are so right! Perfect!"

Good day at work. Goodnight Springfield.