May 19th, 2003

I survived TES Fest, and all I got...

Wow. What a weekend. I am SOOOO happy TES Fest happened as marvelously as it did. There were a lot of nay-sayers about this weekend... people who thought it was going to be another TES2000 and TES30. However, they were wrong. The event went spectacular. Wonderful people, amazing energy, smiling faces everywhere. No controversies, no battles, the occasional small fire (which any event has to deal with), amazing presenters, great play parties. Just spectacular. And the best part of all, TES has benefited from this tremendously, which we needed.

To go over my experiences would take way too long... so, to steal from a friend's idea, here is my list:

1 - I love introducing people to the stun gun
2 - I need to learn to stop bringing heavy toybags - all I used was a single tail, some canes, evil sticks, and a stun gun. Total weight? Not even 3 pounds.
3 - I need to sleep, so I can get to classes
4 - Piss play class was fun... need to bring back the old magic though
5 - A very close and dear friend bought me rocks. I almost cried. Thank you.
6 - She also promised me her children when they grow of age. She will kill me after reading this.
7 - Two girls who make me feel like a chicken-hawk sought to take care of me. I am blessed. Thank god for youth, and their ability to have motor function with only 3 hours of sleep.
8 - I'm getting old.
9 - I may be getting old, but I can still take down two battlin' bitches coming at me at 10 PM on Sunday night.
10 - I still got it.
11 - I love TES. I am renewed with love.
12 - I have amazing friends. I have friends who will drop anything to be at my side. I only pray I can be half as good as a friend to them.
13 - I'm living.

Love ya'll.

More stuff

Forgot to talk about the Celebrity Auction. I love these things... raised a lot of great money for NCSF (if you don't know what it is, go to and give them your money!!!). I am still shocked about how much money I went for. Shocked shocked shocked. Maybe terrified is a better word for it.

Next stop, IML. Here I come Chicago!!!