August 2nd, 2003

Politics - god save us all

The amount of moral political debate in the country right now scares me. When Presidents and other public officials make statements and decisions that impact thousands, millions of people... it frightens me that they are doing so using their religious beliefs as rhetoric supporting it. In a country where one is supposed to be respectful of other religons... its just downright sad.

I don't talk about politics much. Some say it is because I am ignorant. In reality, I don't talk it because the conversations generally don't ever lead to somewhere positive. People hold their beliefs very close to their heart, and fiercely protect them. God help anyone who disagrees.

I am upset by both sides of the political spectrum. My political belief structure has points that exist on both sides of the bi-partisan coin. However, I do weigh social politics as being heavier, as I see them as basic personal rights that are being debated. And logically, it just makes so sense to me that their is a debate. Christian, "moral" statements have no place in a legislative discussion - end of story.