August 13th, 2003

TES Candidates Night

Last night was the Meet the Candidates night at TES, for the upcoming election. I have a lot of thoughts about went down last night... but, not sure if writing them here would be the wisest move. Most of the people who read me from NY either a) know my opinions already or b) would not want to hear my opinions for they would probably start mini-wars.

So, my question to you dear readers, are there out-of-town TES members reading me that would be interested in my thoughts on the upcoming election? Otherwise, I'll just keep my thoughts to myself (where they probably should reside) and mumble about other stuff, like how it looks as if this Ohio trip is going to be a much-needed trip for a bunch of us.

Edit: I'm going to share my opinions privately, with TES members who are interested. I don't see the need of talking about the candidates to people not involved with the organization.

OK, one public statement...

I will say one thing publically about the election. I will not say who this person is... I will leave it to you to figure out. However...

I really, really, REALLY dislike it when people use TNG as a political tool for themselves. Especially when it is backed up with inaccurate statements, downright lies, and comes from a person who has had public anti-TNG stances in the past.

A candidate should not have to grasp at straws like that.
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