August 20th, 2003

Oh what a beautiful moooooorning!

OK, something is clearly wrong with me. I casually went to bed at 11:30 PM last night, woke up relaxed and alert before my alarm clock. I think something happened in Ohio... something involving alien abductions, cupid shooting arrows madly across the sky, eros flying away cackling, and the demons and faeries of the like that Piers Anthony could only dream of. So bizarre.

Yet, the good life continues. Last night, nice, casual schmoozing with friends, interspersed with wonderful phone conversations (thank god for nationwide long distance included). Tonight, De La Guarda with my sis (Brazilian percussion... mmmmmm). This weekend, a play date with a very special girl.

I could get used to this. *giggle*

Still waiting for other LJ reports from the weekend. You know who you are.

Really cool fundraiser

I normally don't do this, but this one is cool, so, here it is.

The current International Mr. Leather, John Pendal (a hell of a woofy man from England) is headlining a fundraiser for two really worthy charities - the Leather Archives & Museum (Located in Chicago, Serving the World), and the Spanner Campaign.

The Archives is going through the process of purchasing its location, so that it is fully owned by the leather community. The balloon payment on its morgage is due in 2004, and the amount due is a shitload of money.

The Spanner Campaign is trying to revise the anti-SM laws that exist in the United Kingdom. It is named after the Spanner case, where a group of men practicing consensual SM in the privacy of one their homes were arrested, and served jailtime for their actions.

Now, the really cool thing about this fundraiser is the killer motorcycle. As a part of the prize package for winning IML, John Pendal is now the owner of a 100th Anniversary Edition Harley-Davidson. But, you see, he has no where to keep it in England, so it is right now just sitting in Chicago, waiting for a good home. For a $20 donation (10 bucks go to each of the above), you get a ballot for the motorcycle. $20 for a brand new Harley? Count me in. ;-)

Go to and click on John Pendal, 2003 IML for details and the link to contribute. Its pretty darn cool.

Any Type O Negative fans out there?

Just got the new Type O Negative album, "Life is Killing Me"

If you're not a fan, skip this post.

As they do a funny cover song on every album, I was pretty excited to see which song they would butcher this time. And, lord was I suprised... "Angry Itch," from the amazing Hedwig.

Now this is histerical. Has anyone seen Peter Steele in Playgirl, back in the early '90s? Angry inch, heh. More like angry yard.