August 24th, 2003

The start of a new week - inventory

Well, just about a week has passed now since Ohio. Time to look in-wards and see where I am.

I'm still brilliantly happy. Actually, lets be more precise. I am happy in my own skin, for the first time in a very, very long time. It is an interesting feeling... and I am enjoying it immensely. What feels even better about it is that it happened independently to anything else that has been occurring in my life. There were no crutches, other people, or illusions involved. This was something that needed to happen on its own terms, at its own pace, and within me only. And it did.

The future - I can honestly say I am happy about where I am headed. I am taking the steps needed on several different paths, all leading to one brighter future point. New job, new living situations, new connections. They are all being developed, some quicker than others, some slower than others. All at the right pace for me right now. This makes me happy.

So, I'm moving down the path that I need to travel. I'll probably stumble a few times along the way - I mean, who doesn't. But, so far, all systems say go.

This is cool.

Sanity - check

Tonight I found out that I will have a personal assistant/bodyguard with me at TNG3. I am overjoyed about this... I am exceptionally blessed.

Now I need to learn what to do with a personal assistant/bodyguard. ;-)

Good things just keep coming. Bliss.