September 18th, 2003

Fate just loves to fuck with me...

Like I really needed all this today. Like I really needed, one day before a major event that I am co-chairing, to have the worst possible day at work, where a big project for a major client went completely wrong, and I am on my work phone and cell phone at the same time to find out what the hell happened.

Like I really needed on top of all the craziness at work, to find out my mother is going to be operated on tomorrow, due to her reconstructed breast's implant bursting and leaking internally. And to have to worry about the complications of said surgery with her radiatio-therapy induced weakened heart.

I really, really, REALLY didn't need all this.
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New update

OK, mother is not getting operated on until Monday. The cardiologist wants to see her first.

I am now (finally) in my hotel room for the weekend, where I will now relax. Yay!

Although, I might have to go into work for some of tomorrow. Blech.

What. A. Fucking. Day.