October 7th, 2003

loser - made by ozw

Deep thoughts by Boymeat

I think I might be developing some lactose intolerance. That sucks.

It is Tuesday. I wish it were Thursday. On second thought, on Thursday I will have pieces of duct tape applied to hairy portions of my body, and have them sadistically ripped off of me for the pleasure of others and charity fundraising. Perhaps I should wish for Friday instead.

I am wondering what has sparked my recent comments in a friend's journal containing ultra-violence involving baby seals and used auto salesmen in the name of forgiveness. Sometimes I frighten myself.

It is 1:35 PM... do you know where your hippos are?
bork - made by ozw

WANTED: Run away brain

I do think I have misplaced my brain, yet again (long term readers might remember me singing Detachable Brain a year or so ago right here in the hallowed halls of LJ.)

I think I caught myself staring at my computer screen aimlessly, and woke up right before I started to drool.

Have you seen my brain? It has clearly decided to go for a walk.
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