October 26th, 2003

bork - made by ozw

Weekend and a public call for a story....

And another weekend come and gone. A rare weekend actually spent in NYC for a change, which, strangely enough, made it a wittle dull. Friday and today was spent at home, spending time with the folks. Not that it is a bad things... but... I was hoping for a few more sociable encounters. C'est la vie, non?

Sat was the day of driving, by far. First was my nephew's 2nd birthday party, out in Doylestown PA. My father, brother and I jumped in the Pimp Daddy Van (tm) and drove on out, much to their fright. I guess I drove a little fast for their tastes. Seeing my nephew was amazing. It is amazing how much he has grown up since I saw him last. I feel horrible for not being there much of his past year, and I need to remedy that.

Seeing him also kicked in my maternal instincts. I so want to be a father. Just playing with him, teaching him how to use his new toys (including the Power Wheels monster truck we bought him - that was just downright cool)... all I could keep thinking was how much I look forward to sharing such experiences with my own child. I think I would be an amazing father... my child would be showered with love.

We raced back to Brooklyn, made a quick pit stop, and then I jumped back in the van for a trip to Manhattan for another birthday party, this time for my brother-in-spirit. What is normally a 40 minute drive for me took over 2 HOURS!!!! I was stuck on .5 mile stretch of road for an hour and a half. I can't even describe how all humanity left me in that van. I slumped over my driving wheel, out the window... smoked at least a half a pack of cigarettes. Then I remembered about the Yankee game, and figured that would cheer me up.

After the loss, I started puzzling in my head if the short distance between me and the car in front of me would be enough to launch me and my van over the car and off the side of the road, to bring me to a kind, quick death.

But, I finally made it to the party... which I was glad about. Saw friends, missed some people (c'est la vie again), hung with my brother and Lolita. After which, had a lovely dinner with Lolita, and turned around to go home.

This coming weekend is Boston. I can't wait to see my friends... it has been too long. Many hugs for many people. I do hope all my favorites will be where I will be.

PUBLIC CALL - would any of you long time P&P readers and archival freaks have a copy of the Boymeat and Bumblebee story from way back when? Sadly, my only saved copy is on an old harddrive in a long-time dead computer, and the P&P archives are no longer now that Leatherpage.com were pricks (inside voice... outside voice... I need to figure that one out one of these days.) If you do, could you send a copy my way? Thank you!

EDIT - Story received. Thanks again.