December 1st, 2003

Games for a Monday morning...

It's Monday. I'm at work. I don't want to be at work though. I want to be at home playing Morrowind on my computer. But, I can't. 'Cause I'm at work.

So, let's make this Monday a little more interesting. This is a little game that has been slowly fluttering around my friends list, and it looks like fun. Many of you who know me closely will know that my memory can be funny... I can remember some of the most minute, pointless details or snippets of conversation, but when someone becomes integrated into my life, I forget my actual meeting of them. Sometimes. Like, for example, I actually have no recollection whatsoever of me meeting Lolita. It is as if she was always in my life. Which is as it should be anyway.

Alright, enough rambling.

[Stolen from others]
Let's play a game. The how'd we meet game. Here are the rules. In the comments section, answer two questions. First - when did you first become aware of my existence? Second - when did we actually meet? Once you have answered, I'll reply to your comment and we will see if we share the same memory match.