December 4th, 2003

bork - made by ozw

Fun with gay men.

Last night's GMSMA-TNG meeting was really fun. It was on pervertables, and we had two of NY's resident sick fucks presenting. They raided their apartments, and brought in little shopping bags of stuff, handed one out to everyone at the meeting, and then had the attendees figure out a scene with what was in their bags.

Being the lovable person I am, I managed to find ways to use every item in my bag in a corporal fashion. Every time I pulled something out, I said, "Oh, and this can be used to HIT people with!"

I guess it started a trend, because everyone in the room, even the strictly-bondage guys, would pull something out of their bag, go through all the uses, and then look at me and say "And of course, you could probably HIT people with it."

After which you would hear a cute little shout from my corner of the room...

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