December 12th, 2003

George Carlin - Smart Man

"People used to take drugs, now they do drugs. Some people don't do drugs, they do lunch. Instead of taking drugs, they take meetings. They used to have meetings. Now, instead of having meetings, they have relationships. Some people who don't do drugs but have a relationship will take a meeting while they do lunch.

People used to get sex, now they have sex. So far, they don't do sex. Although, they do say, 'Let's do it.' But if the sex is overly aggressive, we say the person was 'taken.' I guess if one's not giving, the other's gonna take.

We take a lot of things. We take a lot of good things. We take time, we take heart, we take solace, medicine, advice; we take a job, take a break, take a vacation, a leave, a nap, a rest, a seat, we take a meal.

We take, take, take until we can't take anymore. Maybe it's because our inner nature is not primarily one of giving, but of taking. Even these things we take that should balance our lives and give us rest do not. We make work out of them. We do them aggressively; always in control. Take.

But when we give, we give a lot of bad things. We give trouble, heartache, sorrow, we give someone a hard time, a migraine, give 'em a heart attack, and give 'em a big pain in the ass.

So I say, 'Give up, get fucked, take a hike, and have fun.'"
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