February 10th, 2004


It's almost nice enough outside for me to kill time before tonight's TES meeting by sitting in Washington Square Park (MY park, for those not in the know). Maybe. We'll see what I come up with.

I have a huge rant about some of the frightening stuff I've been finding on the internet coming. And the fact that I do not appreciate discovering a "legal" child pornographer including me on his LJ friends list (papakadotorg). Rant to come.

I am actually looking at a three day weekend with absolutely no plans. Huh. I should remedy that.

I'm living. Hi.

A good way to end the evening.

Lots of things made me happy tonight. Let's list them.

- Great TES meeting. Was a lot of fun spending time with the kiddies, being the mean ole 13 year old convincing little girls to bend over to fetch me a marker, only to kick em in the butt. That along with a really fun game of naughty dice played on a PDA. luna_littleone, you did good.

- Car time is quality time. Yay for short rides to subway station to spend time with my sis.

- Catching up with friends. Was especially cool to hang with kyramus. You're a cool guy, and I enjoy getting to know you.

- Short commute! WOW!

But, the best best best thing had to be:

- Discovering that shithead child pornographer had his account deleted.

I pressed that guy hard today. I sent e-mails to him to the address on his website, demanding that he take me off his friends list, making known in no uncertain terms how much his site and existence disgusted me. I made a comment on his LJ community to the same effect. And, I e-mailed LJ to warn them about his existence.

Guess one of those things worked. So long shithead.

The rant is yet to come, though passionandsoul and vamp_ire basically summed up my thoughts in comments to my last post.

Ugh. I'm almost embarrassed to be a foot fetishist because of shitheads like that guy.

Anyway, it's good to be home.
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Job aint over yet

GRrrrrrrrrrr. His community is still alive. papaka

Well, guess I'm just gonna have to try to have it shut down.


Edit - Shithead also deleted my comment to him announcing what he is - a child pornographer. And took away the commenting option. Figures.
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