February 24th, 2004

Sometimes you forget...

I can't believe I have NYC's MTA to thank for today's memory. I never thought I'd thank them for anything.

You know those child memories you have? Particular pictures in your brain that flash back to more innocent times? Today was the first time I've written the new B train home. It was lovely walking to the West 4th train station again to head home... foreign yet familiar at the same time. I haven't gone that route for years... since the MTA decided I needed a change of pace.

The B train travels over the Manhattan Bridge, like my old D train did. I grew up taking that D train into the city... getting on at Kings Highway when I was young, making the trek into NYC and over the bridge onto 6th avenue.

Well, tonight, I looked up from my book, and saw the Brooklyn Bridge in the moonlight... glimpes of its brickwork through the grey-blue girders of the Manhattan Bridge. The lights from the South Street Seaport. The view of the Brooklyn coast line. The shimmering of the dark water underneath the bridge.

I forgot how beautiful that picture is. I forgot how much of a joy commuting from Manhattan to Brooklyn is, because of that particular picturesque view. Staring at the Brooklyn Bridge from the side, seeing its entire span in one panoramic display.

I felt like a kid again. I smiled.
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