March 1st, 2004

The geek life

I am right now sitting on my terrace short-sleeved and barefoot, enjoying the >50 degree weather, having a cigarette after pounding out 15 pages of a Powerpoint presentation I am going to have to make after jury duty on Wednesday.

I have my laptop on my lap, wireless connection delightfully allowing me the indulgence of appreciating the view of the dark blue ocean just a block away from me while I type away.

I wrote my deck while watching the Lord of the Rings sweep the Oscars, finally getting the recognition it deserved.

Yeah, the geek life is good.
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Feet in the City

Yes! Sandal season has begun once again in NYC. Ah, the great period of spring to summer to the beginnings of fall, where lovely lasses store their big overly-complicated shoes in the closet, and sandals and clogs with feet slipping in and out of them take over the streets! Friends, prepare for lots of neck massage requests, for my head will be bouncing every which way, quick neck swivels, as my foot-dar takes over and spots lovely specimens seemingly a block away.

Today, three pairs of feet out on the sidewalks. Only one was exceptionally nice, but, you have to appreciate all that winter's thawing brings. When it is this early in the season, you smile for what you get.

It's like bird watching, I tell ya.
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Onward, men! Onward!!!!

A totally exhausting day today, but I shall not be defeated.

Jury duty hit the hard part - deliberations. We have 8 or so counts to choose from, and 12 people needing to come to a unaminous decision. Fun! Actually, we're not doing so bad. I optimistically predict we'll be done tomorrow. Pray for me. ;-)

Went to work right after, for a few hours. I have a client presentation on Wednesday (scheduled for "sometime after jury duty..." LOL I love my clients). And of course, I am the only person writing this plan. That's alright. I can do it. Sleep? Bah! Who needs sleep?

So, I just put on some Blues Traveler, ordered in some yummy Italian, and after I eat I'm gonna sit on down and do as much deck as humanly possible.

Off to battle! Raaaarrrrrr!
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Interesting concept

Lord knows I have enough on my plate right now, but... my recent foot post brought with it an interesting concept - me writing a book on foot fetishism. I have seen a decent chapter here and there on the topic, but an actual book on it... it does have me thinking.

So, I ask you, dear reader... would you be interesting in reading this sort of book? What kind of material would you want to see covered?
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South Plains

If I hear about one more cool person who was at South Plains Leatherfest, I am going to scream. It seems like the entire world was there... and I was the only one who wasn't.

Grumble grumble grumble.
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