March 3rd, 2004

Morning reflections

Did you ever have one of those mornings where you suddenly had to stop and wonder, hey, how in the world is all this good stuff happening to me?

Just happened to me. Just now. Isn't technology wonderful, in that it allows me to share it with all of you? Yeah yeah, groan away... time for some more sappy shit.

It has just dawned on me how lucky I am. I have an amazing partner in my faerie... and I cannot wait until the end of this month where we'll finally be reunited. She has truly become my right hand. It feels really good to be doing relationships right these days - full communication, nothing held back, constantly knowing what page the other is on. No more surprises on that end. I'm doing it right for a change.

I have a new piece of property. This is something I've only mentioned in wisperings here and there in my journal. But, there it is - a new piece of property. A person that I have ownership rights to. It is a perfectly situated relationship - secondary in nature, completely understanding and respectful of all my other relationships... she is supportive, intelligent, and best of all, sane. Sanity gets major plus marks in my book these days.

No, I cannot tell you who this piece of property is... and no begging will ever get me to reveal that info. When the time presents itself as being right for a more public dissemination of that info, you'll know. In the meantime, be content that I am very pleased with the current state of affairs.

Work is good, and appointments are being made to discuss other alternatives. As Martha says, "It's a GOOD THING!"

And I slept soundly last night knowing that I fairly and intellectually sat on a jury, and without any guilt or remorse know that because of the decision of 12 different people, justice was done.

Oh.. and this part rocks. I was just handed a check for some other work I have been doing to help out a bud. Unexpected money. ROCK. Time to go order that MP3 player I have been drooling over. *dances in my office chair*
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My first poll!!!

Woo-hoo! Getting on the poll bandwagon.

OK, here is the deal... I am in the market for a MP3/WMA player. I keep saying WMA because I was a dingbat and burned all of my CDs onto my harddrive using Windows Media Player, thus saving them in WMA format. Here are my guidelines: I need at least 20 gigs of space, want to spend less than $400 (all accessories hopefully included, with carrying case and car kit), and it needs to be able to work with my computer (I have IEEE Firewire and USB ports - NO USB 2.0 ports.)

That last bit is confusing me a bit. When I read the specs for the Dell DJ 20, it says it has a USB 2.0 connection. Will that work with my USB 1.1 ports?

Poll #257265 MP3/WMA Players

Which MP3/WMA player should Boymeat buy?

Dell's DJ 20
Other (Please detail in comments)

Edit: Please also let me know why you think it should be one or the other!

Thank you for helping!!!
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