March 18th, 2004

Life - It's this thing, ya know?

Need to start taking advantage of the iPod playlist function. Listening to Moulin Rouge is fabulous in the morning commute, but... need to weed out some of those depressing songs. A pissed/bummed Phil is not a good thing when walking into the office first thing in the morning.

Waking up to snow 3 days in a row sucks. Argh.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend (sleep!), and then the unbelievable prospect of packing enough for a week and a half with the fae. A week from today, in the evening, I will be boarding a plane for the west. It's about damn time.

Visiting the redwood forest will be wonderful. Being able to snuggle and hold hands in it will be even better.

Last night I announced publically for the first time that I will be stepping down as co-faciliator of TES-TiNG. It's been 5 and half years. My work is done... time to let someone else carry the torch.
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