May 3rd, 2004


T-minus two days and counting...

I'm really doing this. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. *laughing*

Yesterday was a full day of shopping and packing. Went to Best Buy to get a new TV and DVD/VCR combo, and Ikea to get furniture. Ikea with the parents is quite an adventure... but, I was very thankful that they were with me. Without them, I would never have spotted the TV stand/entertainment center that I decided on. I am in love with my new drawer set/wardrobe thingy. Can't wait to see it put together and in my place.

I introduced the parents to the famous Ikea swedish meatballs. Delish. Aw yeah, fine dining at Ikea. I live such a metropolitan life.

Did a lot of work packing last night. I was in full-blown panic mode just about the entire day. But, when I was ready to say adieu to the day, I looked around my room, and actually breathed somewhat comfortably - it looked like I had actually done a good deal of work. The room I am living is going to look like a tornado hit once I'm through, but, we'll fix that later.

I think that once I get my artwork up in the new place, I will be very happy. I'm not sure why, but my mind is dedicated to the idea that the artwork will define the new place as being mine. It's a curious phenomenon, but an exciting one nonetheless. I bought one of my favorite Barbara Nitke pieces at the CDA Lawsuit fundraiser on Friday, Bathroom Kiss, which is going to look amazing in, yes, you guessed it, my bathroom.

I think I might be breathing a little easier. Still having trouble falling asleep at night, with my mind a-whirl about all the things that need to get done, but, once I do fall aslumber, it is a peaceful rest. I wonder how well I will sleep my first night in the place. That period of time in between all of my helpers leaving and me going to bed on Wednesday night is going to be a strange one.

I'm moving. It's happening. Onward.
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Things that terrify me - the fact that chixalfred is now 21. Lock up the elderly, put the children in the attic, and keep all pets away from the tentacle monsters.

Happy birthday kiddo.