May 5th, 2004


And at last... he breathes.

I'm home.

Yes, I can say pretty much say that without major hesitation - I think I'm home. It looks like a home. All my books are here. My stuffed animals are here. Bearmeat is here. All my toys are here. Yeah, there are some strange new things like furniture, a new TV, and stuff like that. Things aren't where they were before.

But I'm home.

Major, MAJOR, MAJOR thank you's to the following amazing individuals - lonewolf_w_cub, regyt, stacina, mommabear, coyotegoth, and luna_littleone.

Without them, this would not have happened. They made my day go by smooth. They are the reason why I am still breathing.

Just about everything is actually unpacked. I have some rearranging to do, and figuring out what should go where, and a bunch of shopping, but, yeah.

I live here now.

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Neptune was so kind to have scouted the neighborhood and get me the best of the best of menus around my new home.

The Indian place? I'm happy report that they make a EXCELLENT lamb korma. Yum. And banana lassi. YUM.

And now I'm kicking back on my couch (OK, not right this second, but I was, and I will be after I hit post) watching Convoy.

Yeah, life is good.
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