May 26th, 2004


The theme of the weekend was blood.

The fae began bleeding at the event. Lolita helped the blood come.

I made my girl bleed on the cross. Magic.

The girl bled while dancing on glass.

My family bought Kate Bornstein in the auction, and blood was let. Another family member visited and drew even more blood through my hands. Blood and hunger and connections whirled through the room.

The girl bled on a pin. I cleaned her up, and took care of her.

Others saw red at the event. Angry blood is sad... and I don't like seeing anger.

Blood pulsed as temples and cheeks connected on my bed. The feeling of calm as heart beats were the only sound.

Love - often personified by the color red.

Faeries fly, so I'm told

My faerie is right now in a car on her way to the airport, driven lovingly by my Big Sis.

I'm doing my best to keep my tears in my eyes while at my desk at work.

Going to bed alone tonight is going to be very sad.

But, every moment I have with her is very happy.
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