June 12th, 2004


Good day. Feeling much better now.

Last night, after my mini-breakdown at work, I went home to sit shivah with my parents. It was nice, spending time with them in quiet. Not many visitors... as most of my grandmother's friends in the building have already passed on. Some brief amounts of bullshit involving my uncle, but that was to be expected. I haven't killed him yet.

Today, we all needed to get out of the house and do something ELSE. So, my parents and I went to Ikea. That was lots of fun, taking our time in the store, and just talking.

I now own a cabinet for my foyer. I love the fact that I have a foyer.

So, I'm home. And I really really want to see people. NY'ers... give me a shout! Let's do something!
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The foyer furniture doesn't fit. I mis-measured.

I can't figure out how to get all the pieces back in the box. I hope they accept returns with the box and bags opened and not all of the stuff actually in the box.

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