July 15th, 2004

More fishies????

OK. I may have done a little bad thing.

I bought more fish.

But, you see, I can rationalize it. It has been (almost) a week... my nitrites level is 0, my ammonia 1% (and dropping)... temp fine, water fine. It was time for a few more.

So, I now have another girl Golden Swordtail. She's smaller than the original Ms., so this fish is now Little Girl Swordtail. The two girls are getting along FAMOUSLY, practically having lesbian fish sex.

Mr. Swordtail is staring at them, scared shitless for the day that their cycles match.

I also bought a little-bitty catfish. We'll call him Sucker for now. He hated me for a little while there, immediately seaking out all the hiding spots (note to Phil: arrange for more hiding places in the tank.) But, he's starting to poke his head out, and explore the rest of the world.

My fish family seems to be very happy. I'm happy. Yay!
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How quickly they turn...

Tell me if you want to stop writing about them. Really, I can understand if you hate me for it.

Anyway... Momma Bear Fish has become a bitch! She's non-stop chasing Poppa Bear and Little Bear all over the damn tank!

Leave 'em alone, ya mean fish!
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