August 23rd, 2004

Let's talk about sex, baby...

And now for everyone's favorite topic. Fucking.

Yes, we're gonna talk about fucking. Inserting a long slender item into a hole to create satisfaction. Or... perhaps procreation. Or... perhaps because there just isn't anything better to do.

Well, Mr. Swordtail must want lots of satisfaction... lots of kids... or he's really damned bored.

But, here is the most histerical thing. He misses. Always.

He's persistent though. Never gives up. Tries constantly.

You see, male swordtails have an extended tail... thus the sword in their name. And, they fuck with that tail. Problem is, their tail is behind them. So, poor Mr. Swordtail must back-up into whatever he is trying to probe. Note I said whatever, not whomever. Because he always misses.

I should really feel bad for the guy. I probably will... once I stop laughing. There goes Mr. Swordtail, acting all slick and pretending like he's sneaking up on his female target. He turns, points his tail... he shoots backwards!!! And the girl swordtail is long gone before his tail strikes.

Poor guy. Keeps missing the hole.
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