October 5th, 2004


I guess I'm slightly a mess right now.

My left foot has been hurting for over a week. Occasionally, I limp. Damn.

All the recent drama in my life has definetely been paying a toll on me. Sleeping is something that happens when my body gives out, not when I want to. Eating probably the same thing.

I go to work, I go home. Wait for phone calls that may or may not come. Surf internet, play internet poker, read, go to bed.

Thankfully, work is going to be such hell for the next 3 weeks that my mind will not be able to completely focus on all that is fucked up in my life right now.

Not to mention I need to go to a sweet 16 party this weekend. Frankly, one that I am not looking forward to at all. But I have to go. Blargh.

I guess I'm bitching, aren't I? Oh well... it's been a while since a full bitching post.

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I wish I could change the weather.

All I can do is help keep us dry.

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Tonight I said farewell to the most amazing creature I have ever known. This one person taught me more about spirituality, life... and love... than I have ever thought possible.

It is only because of the lessons she taught me, that I am able to let go at all.

Her path needs to take her to other places... and I would be irresponsible to impede that.

I can only hope, wish, and dream that our paths can cross again.

I would pray that moment comes soon.

But it might not.

I loved, I love, I will love. Always.

And I will not say goodbye. Instead... fare well on your path. Until we meet again...