November 3rd, 2004


I think by far the scariest outcome of the looming Bush victory will be seen on the judicial level.

The Supreme Court.

There are just way too many potential seats (1 is too much) for Bush to have control over.

Roe vs. Wade, gay marriage, civil liberties. You can quite possibly kiss them all goodbye within the next 4 years.

That frightens me to my inner core.

It's going to be a bad 4 years to be a bisexual, poly pervert.

What really hurts

I think I have been able to put a finger on what is really troubling me. It's not the presidential election - yes, Bush in the office I feel will have dramtic effects felt across the country, and yes, it's not over yet, blah blah blah.

But I'm not completely bothered by that.

It definetely has something to do with the 11 states that voted to ban gay marriage. Yeah, that plays a big role in what is bothering me.

Here is what is killing me right now. This was NOT a mistake. There is no voter fraud, silenced voices, turned away voters. This election was real, and fair. The people HAVE spoken, and voted the way they feel.

The majority of this country DOES feel that GLBT individuals are second-class citizens. The majority of this country DOES feel that a conservative interpretation of Christian morals should be enforced by our state and federal governments.

The people spoke. It was fair. I cannot contest this. This was not robbery, or illegal actions, or dirty politics. The people voiced their opinion.

That is what frightens me to my inner core. The people of the United States of America truly feel this way. And I am just one person sitting in the minority.

Stop your whining and do something.

OK, I've bitched and moaned a lot in the past day and a half. But then a moment hits you that says, hmmm, now what?

I'm not moving to another country. I'm not moving to another state, or city, or building, or apartment. So, that's out.

I have been wandering people's journals checking out what the LJ universe has to say. Pretty diverse group. Wandered over to my old friend devina's journal. She talked about joining organizations, putting money and time to where your heart is.

Damn right. And I'm a jackass for waiting so long.

So, I joined the ACLU and the NGLTF today. Cash money to organizations that I believe in. Groups that actually fight the battles that I am most afraid of.

How reactionary of me. Well, it's a start. *le sigh*

The show must go on!!!

Really, other things are happening in my life that are good and wonderful. And instead of wallowing about in political losses, I should talk about the good schtuff!

Last night Lolita and I paid a visit to the legendary leather designer, David Samuel Menkes. It is always a joy to talk to him - so many stories and fun little quirks.

After this long time, I actually earned my first piece of leather from Lolita. I was measured for a custom made leather vest with purple and green piping (our leather family's colors.) Amazingly enough, it is already done, and ready to be picked up.

So, my election result sucks reward is I get to go to David's, and pick up my brand new leather vest. I'm so excited! Thank you sis!
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