November 5th, 2004

dilbert hit keyboard

Aliens and ears

This week has basically sucked really big ass. Not the most mature way of putting this, but, it's true. Personal relationships have either turned to the worse, or threatened to. Politics - nuff said. All in all, not a good week. Blech.

Thankfully, something good happened today. My lovely purple alien has finally boarded a truck in Miami to slowly make its way north. (Remember when I said it would be here by today? They lied.) 132 pounds of computer goodness should be here Wednesday. I'll be crossing my fingers.

In bad news, I am ready to slice my ear off. Seriously. I wish I can say I am being overdramatic when I claim that I am going nuts, but I am. When the sound of waves crashing and constant unpleasant tones are bombarding your ear, louder than your own brain... it's maddening. Still not sleeping right. Doubt I will until my surgery - which I have definetely decided to go through with. I can't live like this. Either give me my ears back, or turn then off altogether. I'd rather hear nothing.

May next week be better. *looks up high*